EP.63: Diana Sugiuchi

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Diana Sugiuchi is the owner and founder of Nourish Family Nutrition, a multi-specialty 7-figure practice based in Maryland and Georgia. As a practice they are generalists, so they see everything from adolescence GI disorders, eating disorders, or diabetes, to general healthy eating.

In this episode, Christine and Diana chat about what it took to turn her private practice into a 7-figure business. And they have a candid conversation about her journey and share her secret tips to success.



  • What Diana was doing prior to becoming a registered dietitian. (Spoiler alert: It’s NOT what you think.)
  • What made Diana decide to create a private practice.
  • What the beginning days of Diana’s private practice looked like, and what helped her practice grow.
  • Why Diana recommends staying general instead of niching down.
  • If accepting insurance lucrative is for your private practice.
  • The number one tip on how to increase your bank account. 
  • What lit Diane’s fire to turn her private practice into a 7-figure business.
  • Why there is no room for broke people in this industry.



Diana Sugiuchi RDN, LDN is the owner and founder of Nourish Family  Nutrition. She grew Nourish from a part-time solo practice to one that employs over 10 dietitians in psychotherapists with offices in 2 states and is expanding to others. Nourish provides individualized nutrition counseling and corporate wellness.



Nourish Family Nutrition – Diana’s private practice



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