the solar plexus energy center in the body

Manipura energy fosters clarity, self confidence, joy, wisdom and the ability to make powerful decisions. We believe Manipura is the sacred vessel within that’ll help you step into your fullest potential as an RD entrepreneur.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have a dream for a better future, doing work that makes your spirit light up. Work that is far more creative and interesting than what you’re doing right now.
  • You want to learn how to really make more money as a dietitian.
  • You feel that your potential to make an impact on your community is untapped.
  • You have that whispering voice inside. The unrelenting feeling that you’re destined for greater things than you’re doing now… but have no clue how to get there or even where to begin.

You can connect with your purpose.

I’m a money mindset coach. I help dietitians (just like you) connect with their bigger purpose, actively pursue their big hairy dreams and walk the path to their most meaningful, fulfilling, and lucrative careers.

The good news is that you are destined for greatness. I believe that in the depths of my heart. The hard news is that the only person standing in your way is you. (It’s the hard truths like these that my clients love; that’s why they often call me a straight shooter.)

I believe we are intimately connected to each other, to our communities and to energy and wisdom greater than ourselves. I am ready to help you to connect with the energy of what is possible. The energy of Manipura. This work is messy and wonderful, but it’s also SO worth it. You’re worth it.



Private Coaching w/ Christine

Reaching your desired annual income is simply a matter of thinking bigger, packaging your skills differently, and setting yourself up for success from the start.

Whether you’re still working a full-time RD job or you’re in business full-time, you could be making a lot more money than you currently do.

This 12-month private coaching program brings together the 3 main skills you’ll need to succeed as an RD entrepreneur: Mindset, Marketing, and Sales. Together, with Christine as your mentor, you’ll cover everything you need to go from $0 to $infinity in revenue.

The Abundance Incubator

We don’t do business as usual…and neither should you. It’s time for your glow-up moment.

There is no step-by-step business program that will work without an abundant mindset. The Abundance Incubator is a coaching program that empowers dietitians to step into their fullest potential. As your money mindset coach, I help you to shed limiting beliefs, step into your greatness and inspire your clients towards their own transformation with your work.

Your dreams are already there, it’s your job to listen in and take action. It’s our job to guide you in doing so.

"Before working with Christine I was overwhelmed with business information that I couldn't bring myself to apply. After a few sessions with Christine inside The Incubator, I started believing in myself and trusting the process of building a virtual business at my own pace, with my own concepts, bringing my own style and my own principles. As a result I started signing clients consistently and I feel more confident with the fact that things happen when they are meant to happen. I highly recommend The Incubator if you've struggled with lack of confidence, mindset and believing in yourself to maximize your skills as a Registered Dietitian."

Alma Simmons, RDN, LD

“I feel like I am getting the value promised above and beyond my initial expectations. This is the only coaching program I reviewed where I felt comfortable moving forward for my personality and life situation. At the core of everything, we’re learning how to slow down and challenge perspectives. If you can learn to think, you can solve any problem to succeed.”

Erica Dean, RD, LD

“Before joining The Incubator, I had launched a group program and also started seeing 1:1 clients. Although I was happy to be out of my full-time job, I felt a bit overwhelmed with everything happening so fast! After working through the material in The Incubator, I learned how to have the mindset of a business owner so I can continue to grow my nutrition business!”

Stephanie Glaser, RD

“Before working with Christine, I had dozens of ideas for my business with no plan of action or motivation to implement those ideas. After just one group planning session, I had written goals for the year and action steps for the quarter. Each quarter, month, and even week I am acting on those goals and getting encouragement to stay focused and continuing to act. In just the past two months I have hired a virtual assistant, increased my rate, had an increase in paying clients, and am in the process of launching the podcast I dreamed of years ago. When I look back at when I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel it was one of the best investments I made this year for both myself and my business. I highly recommend The Incubator if you've struggled with mindset about money and motivation to act and move forward with ideas that can help you make more money as a dietitian.”

Shelley Rael, MS, RDN, LD



Where we talk about all things Money, Mindset, and Marketing for the dietitian business owner.

EP. 213: Creating Abundance

There’s a difference between creating abundance and creating wealth. So much is being discussed in the entrepreneurial space about earning more money, but little is being discussed about creating a more fulfilling life.   And money doesn’t do that, my friend....

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EP.212 Mindset Minute: You Are Not Alone

It is common to experience moments of solitude that evoke a sense of loneliness. However, it is crucial to remember that despite the fleeting feeling of being alone, you are never truly isolated. Within the depths of your being, there resides a beating heart, a...

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EP. 211: Mirroring & Its Connection To AI

Mirroring, an essential element of our social interactions, holds a fascinating connection to the world of AI. Through this engaging discussion, I examine the boundless possibilities that emerge from this unique tool.    Artificial Intelligence is all the...

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I’m Christine Dyan Thomson, founder of The Manipura Centre™. You may also know me as the Money Mindset Dietitian.

I’m endlessly grateful to have the opportunity to amplify the voices of dietitians who are making an impact and driving the needle forward with what our field is capable of accomplishing as well as our earning potential. I feel that I am doing the most important work when I am empowering fellow dietitians to step into their greatness. This is why I founded the Manipura Centre™, the premier money mindset & business marketing agency to incubate future dietitian leaders.

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How to Calculate Your Rates as an RD Entrepreneur

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Make More Money As A Dietitian – The Podcast

Money issues are mindset issues. Each episode of this podcast will help you resolve them, so you can reach your full earning potential and be seen as the nutrition expert you are!



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