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Manipura’s mission is to increase the industry income standard of registered dietitians across the globe. You can earn more money and have an abundant life, by retraining your brain’s thoughts and beliefs about money.

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Why should I be your mindset coach?

As a money mindset coach for dietitians, I provide you with a proven framework that supports you in taking the leap and growing your RD career beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m meant for this work because I’ve done the work. People sometimes assume that since I’m wealthy and demonstrating leadership now, I’ve always been that way. Or that because I am confident now, I have always been confident.

The truth is, I’ve been through my own difficult journey, and those experiences are all woven into the fabric of who I am today. In the past, I’ve been broke and drowning in debt. I’ve been on both sides of the WIC desk, as the nutritionist AND the participant. But my journey didn’t stop there, because I knew my circumstances then weren’t my final destination.

I yanked hard on my bootstraps and kept moving forward. My mindset, work ethic and curiosity for what is possible have guided me to great things. I’m proud to have been on Oprah, to have had the opportunity to pitch a great food product idea to Whole Foods Market and to have grown my wealth considerably.

These days, I do occasionally feel impostor syndrome; I just don’t pay it much mind. I still feel overwhelmed sometimes, but I have had enough practice moving forward despite it all.

Why do I work with dietitians?

I think there are many parallels between nutrition, money and mindset work. Improving your nutrition isn’t all or nothing; it’s about building small habits that stick. It’s the same with building wealth; it is about identifying the real barriers, working through them, and taking consistent action to move the needle forward. This is also true with mindset work. What you believe forms the framework for your entire life’s experience – why not believe abundant things?

What would happen if you stopped being attached to a particular outcome in your business, but instead dreamed big, took consistent action and delighted in how things unfolded? It might be Whole Foods or Oprah… or it might be something even greater. Are you ready to work in a way that your income matches the value you provide? Are you ready to give your bootstraps a tug and take ownership of your RD career, like I did?

I can’t wait to work with you!   Christine signature



I love woo AND science.

I believe both can coexist in this crazy world of ours. The seen and the unseen are all valid parts of the Universe, IMO.

I’m a self-proclaimed Chi-town New Yorker.

Born & raised in suburban Chicago, I’m also adopted into the NYC family by way of my husband – Brooklyn all day, baby!

I eat pizza every single Friday.

What else can I say? I don’t know another food that is so versatile that you can literally eat it a million different ways!

I was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Back in the day when Dr. Phil was on every Tuesday, my (then) husband and I were guests on a show highlighting myths about marriage. Go figure!

I created a health muffin that I successfully pitched to Whole Foods Market.

You can learn more about that crazy story by listening to podcast episode 14 here.



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