No matter if you work a full-time RD job or you’re full-time in business—you could be making a lot more money than you currently do. If you currently make $0 to $50,000 per year (or more!), you have the ability to increase your earning potential. We’ll show you how.


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Do you find yourself struggling with…

  • confidently answering someone when they ask “So, what do you do?”
  • knowing what to really charge for your services?
  • feeling certain that clients will get results when working with you?
  • knowing who you’re truly meant to serve in the industry?
  • marketing your services with ease and authenticity?
  • overcoming “stinkin’ thinkin” thoughts & limiting beliefs?

Do the work and you’ll experience:

ATTRACTION: draw the right clients, with ease

CONFIDENCE: as a health professional who has a high track record for getting exceptional client results

CERTAINTY: that clients are willing and able to invest in themselves, at your chosen rate.

DIRECTION: experience unshakable confidence to stay within your chosen area of expertise

SECURITY: silence the impostor syndrome complex that’s been running the show for years

Ready to get started?

You know you have the professional skills and knowledge that qualifies you to help people. Now it’s time to do the work of reaching your desired income, and it’s simply a matter of thinking bigger, putting the foundational pieces in place, and setting your mindset up for success from the start.


We’re looking for a very specific type of person to enroll in The Group VIP Intensive. Is it you?

  • You’re on an entrepreneurial path. This means you’re in the startup phase and you plan to become self-employed very soon.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you still feel like “something’s missing”.
  • You’re making $0 to $25k+ and you want to make a lot more.
  • You have strong emotional reasons for wanting more money.
  • You want more from your RD career and you know you’re in the perfect position to create it for yourself.
  • You want to hang with like-minded RD’s who are out-of-box thinkers and doers and want more than just a clinical job.
  • You sometimes struggle with procrastination and overthinking.
  • You want an experience that is going to make you hunker-down and get ‘er done.
  • You are kind, cool, and coachable.
  • You are serious about earning more money, and you know the time is now.


  • have your niche defined, completely clear and figured out.
  • have a manageable marketing plan that will bring new leads to your business every month without launch level effort.
  • understand how to price your programs and services, no matter the offer now and in the future.
  • have a repeatable process in place that’ll become the framework for every client you work with.
  • have a success mindset, knowing that this is just the beginning of a very bright future ahead in your RD career.


What to expect:

  • 2-Days of focused work. Meetings happen from 10am – 4pm Central Time and are recorded and shared with you for future reference or if you can’t attend live.
  • A small cohort of 8 RD entrepreneurs. The cohort is created specifically for startups, or those who feel like “something’ missing,” so you can be with a group of your peers who are experiencing the same business struggles as you. This intensive has been created to address the exact steps you need for growth at your level.
  • Work closely with me in a small group, personalized way.
  • Worksheets, spreadsheets, and checklists, as well as action steps (specifically for your business level) to make sure you are staying on track after the intensive.
  • A group follow-up session 30 days after the Intensive to ensure you’re on the right track.



Clarify Your Niche

No more niche drama. No more spinning in confusion about who you work with and how you help them. By the end of the intensive you’ll be able to answer the question, “What do you do?” with confidence and ease.


Solidify Your Pricing

Not sure what to charge? We’re going to work to clear away the uncertainty by calculating what an hour of your time is worth so you can price your programs and services more easily.


Create Your Unique Process

Unsure of how you’ll work with your clients once they sign up? Having a unique framework/process will solve that, and we’ll map yours out so your clients feel like they’re getting the royal treatment in your program.


Determine Your Organic Marketing Plan

Hate marketing? We’ll work together to ease your marketing woes by creating a marketing plan that feels easy and doable. And with consistency, clients will come asking to work with YOU.


Develop A Success Mindset

You cannot get the results you want with negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. Together, we’ll work through your money, emotional, and marketing mindset, so you’ll feel more confident going forward.


Build a Peer Support Group

The cohort will be facilitated by me and you will also have the benefit of being in a community of like-minded colleagues to mastermind with and bounce ideas off of.

As a Group VIP Intensive member, you’ll also receive our popular Business Startup Series: 8 video trainings on the foundational marketing steps to further support you in building your business.


By the time you complete the intensive:

  • You’ll be challenged and held accountable to getting it done in a small, yet productive cohort. No more setting goals, then overthinking and procrastinating.
  • You’ll finally uncover what you really want to do as an RD entrepreneur.
  • You’ll shed your insecurities and money issues.
  • You’ll understand exactly what you need to focus on right now to start and grow your business.
  • You’ll accelerate and reach your goals faster than going it alone.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Before working with Christine I was struggling to put my ideas for my private practice into action. After our two day intensive workshop, I focused my niche, crafted a framework, and found some much needed confidence in myself and what I have to offer with my business. I am so glad I decided to invest in myself through working with Christine and the other women in this group intensive. I highly recommend the Group VIP Intensive if you’re looking for clarity, focus, and some real talk about running a nutrition business.”

-Kelly Millan, MS, RD, LD

“Before enrolling in The Group VIP Intensive program, I felt stuck and overwhelmed with the thought of starting my own business. After two just two days, I have more clarity about my niche and who I want to serve, know what I want and need to charge, and some simple organic marketing ideas. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel proud of myself for taking this pivotal step forward in my life and career. I highly recommend The Group VIP Intensive if you’re struggling with imposter syndrome. This program will help you gain clarity and belief in yourself and your abilities as a dietitian.”

-Amanda Orfitelli, MS, RD, LD

“Prior to The Group Intensive program, I was stuck in my thoughts and afraid to share my ideas for fear of not being Dietitian-y enough in my work. I processed through imposter syndrome, my habit of being a certification junkie, and the need to keep listening to others (dietitians, friends, family, etc.) at the expense of my own opinions and deep inner knowing of what feels right for me.

As a result of the Intensive, I’ve gained confidence in believing that I offer a truly valuable service to clients and that I have every right to charge what I am worth when I provide these services. I highly recommend The Group VIP Intensive if you’re struggling with how to really nail down or even fine tune your niche – or even admit to yourself what that niche is. Christine was instrumental in facilitating our progress and her wisdom, experience, humor, and patient presence were essential and treasured within the group.”

-Heather Bessee, MS, RD, LD

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Save $100!

One-time payment:


Convenient Payments

Two installments:


  • Raise your prices (some alumni double or triple and some are even reaching 5-figure months for the first time!) and continue to sell those services with ease
  • Finally feel like a legitimate CEO instead of a busy, tired freelancer
  • Create new products, new webinars, new selling strategies
  • Find the marketing strategies that WORK, rather than trying to be everywhere talking to everyone
  • Move from stuck and exhausted to steady and building wealth


I can’t wait to personally welcome you to The Group!

I created The Group VIP Intensive specifically for startup RD entrepreneurs who have been struggling for years to get their business off the ground, but overthinking and procrastination has been getting in the way of forward movement . This intensive eliminates all of that so you can have all the foundational elements completed in 2 short days.

As a dietitian myself, I am no stranger to the mind drama created by overthinking everything and trying to get it “just perfectly right.” Although it feels right in the moment, living this way just robs you of precious time and mental energy, with nothing to show for it.

That’s why I created this Intensive. So you can hunker-down and get “all of the things” done with the support of myself and like-minded peer colleagues, in a laser-focused, productive, and supportive cohort.

It’s 100% true…when you give yourself too much time to get something done, you’re not as productive as you would be if you constrained the timeframe to the bare minimum. Constraint is the home where productivity lives.

Let’s hunker-down and get ‘er done, so you can make more money as a dietitian!

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