EP 255-Slow & Steady Growth

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In a world often preoccupied with the allure of overnight success and rapid growth, Christine champions a different perspective. She believes in the power of slow and steady growth, a path that enables individuals to build a solid foundation while minimizing the risk of burnout.


The prevailing myth of “hustle harder, grow faster” has left many feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Christine is here to advocate for a more sustainable and empowering approach.


It’s an exploration of the value inherent in patience and resilience, understanding that maintaining the quality of services or the excellence of one’s career takes precedence over racing towards the finish line.



Today’s episode in “Do All of the Things Podcast”, we will shine a spotlight on the art of slowing down in a world that seems to perpetually accelerate.



  • The importance of transitioning from the high-energy summer season to a more introspective and creatively expressive fall season, just like you do naturally.
  • How to give yourself permission to slow down and reconnect with your creative side, even if you’ve lost touch with it.
  • The incredible benefits of creative expression for relaxation, stress relief, and personal growth, which are things you definitely need.
  • The joy of rediscovering forgotten passions and how they can enrich your life in ways you might not expect.
  • The transformative power of becoming the whole person you’re meant to be, which, in turn, can amplify your success in your career and personal life – something you’ve always wanted.






Work with Christine as your mindset coach for career growth. Learn more about private coaching and schedule a Consult Call w/ Christine so she can discuss the details of how she can help you create a positive and empowered mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop effective strategies to achieve your professional goals.


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Join me for an enriching experience at the “Empowering Excellence: Mindset Mastery Retreat.” This event, exclusively designed for nutrition professionals, will take place on Wednesday, November 1st, from 11 am to 3 pm EST. Dive deep into the art of coaching and explore the vital distinction between coaching and counseling for better health outcomes. It’s not just retreat; it’s your journey toward empowerment and excellence in your practice. Secure your spot today and join me on this transformative adventure. Don’t miss out!


Grab a copy of the workbook “How to Calculate Your Rate as an RD Entrepreneur” .

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Christine Dyan Thomson, founder of The Manipura Centre™, works to amplify the voices of dietitians who are making an impact.

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