EP.240 Mindset Minute: Rewarding Yourself With Simple Luxuries

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If you’ve ever felt guilty for indulging in self-care, remember that you’re not alone. Many, especially women, prioritize caring for others and tend to neglect themselves. It’s time for a shift. Instead of waiting for others’ happiness to precede your own, embrace the mantra of putting yourself first.


Consider this: simple pleasures, like a chocolate bar, a bouquet of flowers, or even a new outfit, are more than just treats – they’re vital components of self-care. These luxuries enrich your life journey, helping you find balance and connection with yourself.


Repeat this mantra: “I treat myself to little gifts that bring me joy. I invest in myself, reminding me that I am loved, and I care for my wellness daily. Enjoying these luxuries reminds me that I make a difference in the world, and by caring for myself, I can care for others.”



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