The Abundance


Business, Lifestyle & Mindset Mastery…all wrapped up in one.

Your dreams are already there, it is your job to listen in and take action. It’s our job to help pull them forward into reality.

Do you have that whispering voice inside? The unrelenting feeling that you’re destined for greater things than you’re doing now…but have no clue how to get there or even where to begin?

Knowing that your current role is not the best use of what you can offer the world, nor is it providing you with benefits in line with the value you provide?

You knew you wanted to be a dietitian for as long as you can remember, but you haven’t yet figured out where within the industry your perfect role lies.

The Abundance Incubator is THE program that helps dietitians step into their fullest potential, both personally and professionally. You’ll feel more confident as a business owner while increasing your income and maximizing time freedom.

This is the program that will help you shed limiting beliefs and step into your leadership potential so you can inspire your clients towards their own transformation with your work. You, my friend, are worthy of a fulfilling RD career.

You are also worthy of wealth. And you are uniquely positioned to make a lasting impact on your community as a nutrition professional.

Do the MeSsy Work

As much as dietitians love a good system, I have to warn you that The Incubator isn’t a step-by-step system. It is inner work, and friend, that’s messy work. Just like the birth of new ideas and the death of limiting beliefs, growth requires us to get uncomfortable, take risks, and stretch beyond what we thought was possible.

Growth and comfort cannot coexist. This isn’t about making S.M.A.R.T. goals, it is about tuning into your inner wisdom and your unique gifts & talents.

We’re all interconnected. Just like good nutrition can impact your ability to focus and function at your best, your mindset can either hold you back or propel you forward.

Your career does not exist in a vacuum. When your work lights you up and ignites your spirit, you bring that energy and abundance into your friendships, relationships, and bank account.

On the other hand, if you’re worried about bills, and are detached and uninspired by the work that you’re doing, you diminish your glow-up and your relationships suffer.

We all need to be connected to our passion and purpose. I’d like to help you connect with your divine path so you can inspire and impact everyone around you, especially the people you’re meant to serve.


What’s Included

The Money Mindset Mastery Process
The Abundance Incubator is centered on mastering your money mindset using our signature process. Doing this work is the core of the program and reaps our client’s exponential results, on a professional and personal level.
Weekly Coaching Calls
Get the support you need every week from our weekly coaching calls, mastermind sessions, and quarterly planning sessions.
At your own pace, you’ll also have access to supportive and guiding materials online. This includes courses on Mindset Mastery, Lifestyle Mastery, and Business & Marketing Mastery. You’ll also have access to masterclasses, workshops, and workbooks taught by Christine and other industry experts.

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I can’t wait to personally welcome you to The Incubator!

I created the Abundance Incubator to fill a gap in our community of overworked and underpaid nutrition professionals. As a mindset coach and a HUGE advocate of holistic self-care, I’ve witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of “hustle culture” and what it can do for well-meaning dietitians.

I get it. You just want to create a successful career in nutrition by helping the people who need you the most. And you can. You just need to slow down, stay focused, and eliminate the distractions (inner & outer) that are keeping you from succeeding.

That’s why I’ve created this community. This is the place where you’ll receive the tools and additional support you need to stay the course.

It’s a proven fact, with studies to back it up, that when you retrain your brain and focus on your unique zone of genius, you’ll actually achieve more.

Inside The Incubator, we’re here to support you in doing that, and more. I look forward to meeting you inside!

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Curious About Something?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if The Incubator is a good fit?


I encourage you to trust your inner wisdom. Reach out to me, ask your best questions, and read through my information right here on the website. And then be still, listen and reflect. Is your body compass leaning in and directing you to move forward? Do you have a sense of excitement and pull towards a greater future for your career and life? If your body is guiding you toward this community, I would love to welcome you in.

How do I know that I am not a good fit?

Dietitians who are not a good fit for The Incubator are those who are not ready or willing to take personal responsibility for their own careers and life. They blame others, outside organizations, the system, or certain demographics for their career path and revenue to date. I believe that we are all responsible for our own career paths and where we end up. Our life circumstances do not cause our results. It’s what we choose to do within those circumstances that make the difference.

Our members know that they’re the reason for their successes and failures. They take complete responsibility for themselves, their actions, their lessons, and for putting those lessons into the next actions. This personal responsibility and accountability is powerful because when you are the problem, you always have the solution.

Our members are ready to show up and turn the mirror around to take a deep look within themselves. You are infinitely powerful and wise – give yourself permission to do the work to achieve your highest potential.

What guarantees can you make?

Like most things, the Money Mindset Mastery Incubator and The Group VIP Intensive are programs in which you harvest abundance with the seeds you sow. What I can promise is that no course –  including mine – is a magic bullet. Two women can take the exact same program and have completely different results. What differs is their mindset and willingness to do the work. 

What I can guarantee is that developing an abundance mindset and taking responsibility for yourself and your career will pay dividends beyond your wildest dreams and that the energy of the Manipura will give you the framework to take action and the coaching to propel your journey forward.

Can you help me with my marketing?

Our programs are a combination of mindset & marketing, but heavy on mindset. We also are not focused on the ins and outs of social media marketing.

We believe that your mindset guides the energy and confidence you present in your marketing messages. Through your work within our program, you’ll have confidence and clarity in your purpose and it will make your marketing shine.

Join The Waitlist

The Abundance Incubator launches soon. Don’t miss your chance to enroll – join the waitlist now.



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