EP.203: Making Money by Selling Your Nutrition Practice with Adrien Paczosa

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Today on the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine interviews Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CDERD-S. Adrien is a returning guest on the podcast because she has exciting news to share about her private practice! 

In this episode, Adrien shares why she sold her thriving 7-figure nutrition practice to an up & coming tech company.

We’re certain you’ll be inspired by Adrien’s update, especially if you desire to one day sell your nutrition practice. You never know what the future may hold for you, so listen to it to hear what’s possible!


  • What Adrien has been up to since our last podcast interview (Episode 65). 
  • Why Adrien decided to sell her private practice.
  • The benefits of selling a private practice.
  • And, so much more!


Adrien Paczosa (RD, LD, CDERD-S) has more than 20 years of experience working in the dietetic field with a focus on eating disorders, neurochemistry nutrition, and business development. In 2007, Paczosa founded and opened her first private practice in Austin, Texas called iLiveWell Nutrition. Paczosa combined evidence-based nutrition science with a compassionate approach to counseling patients to deliver health outcomes and improve patients’ day-to-day lives. She has personally counseled with hundreds of patients ranging from severe eating disorder cases to diabetics to high-performance athletes.

A few years later, iLiveWell Nutrition has become Nourish — a nation-wide, virtual-first nutrition group focused on addressing America’s healthcare crisis through greater access to nutrition care. Paczosa now serves as the Chief Clinical Officer of Nourish and what started out as just an idea now serves thousands of patients, nearly all of whom use the service via telehealth and are completely covered by their health insurance.











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