EP.191: Making Money as the Permission Dietitian with Natalie Harris

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Today on the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine interviews Natalie Harris, RD, LD (@eatwithpermission). Natalie is super passionate about coaching women and their families on how to eat by trusting themselves. 

In this episode, Natalie shares how she uses the Ellen Satter Models in her practice to help her clients eat more intuitively.


We’re certain you’ll be inspired by Natalie’s story, especially if you specialize in intuitive eating or some form of that area of specialty.




Table of Contents

  • How & why Natalie started her “Eat With Permission” business and brand. 

  • The reason why Natalie started her career in eating disorder recovery.

  • Why Natalie decided she needed “mindset coaching” more than business coaching.

  • What Natalie learned about herself as a result of mindset coaching.

  • The importance of bringing your own authenticity to the work you do, even if you’re utilizing resources and frameworks from other professionals.

  • How Natalie scored a contract with a local private school that provided the ROI for her private coaching w/ Christine.

  • And, so much more!




Natalie Harris, RD, LD  is a dietitian who loves coaching people to eat with permission using Ellyn Satter models. She is an affiliate with the Ellyn Satter Institute and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.


Natalie’s mission is to help people with their eating concerns and to help parents feed their families so that eating feels authentic and safe. Food and weight concerns are at the core of her work as a result of working in the eating disorder recovery field. The freedom Natalie felt after learning how to eat by trusting herself has fueled her passion for helping others.















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