The ONE THING You Must Avoid When Networking

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If you want to make money, you have to network. In-person, or online, doesn’t matter.  You just have to get yourself out there and meet as many people as possible, tell them what you do, and make offers to help.

Yet…so many RD entrepreneurs avoid networking. They don’t meet enough new people to make a difference, and they don’t make a difference with the people they do meet.

My theory is dietitians are either afraid to network (because they say they “don’t know how to network”)…or they don’t know how to use it effectively as a business-building tool that makes them money.

They think it is unnecessary or complicated.

But it IS necessary.

It is NOT complicated.

Not really. There is actually only one rule to follow.

There is really only one thing you must NOT do when you show up to live events, participate in FB Groups, and in every part of the process of “meeting as many people as possible” to be successful at networking and have it actually make a difference in your business.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, or where you do it. You just want to keep this ONE thing in mind.

Don’t be a weirdo.

Really. That’s it. If you go and be YOU and act like a normal human you will be fine.

You may even sign a few clients.

Although it isn’t complicated, just having to follow this one rule, I find a lot of people stumble and have a hard time with this.


Because they feel weird at networking events. So it’s hard not to be a weirdo when you are feeling like one.

Let’s circle back to the intention of networking in the first place. It’s the chance to introduce yourself and engage with people as the business owner you’re becoming. Not just the dietitian you’ve always been.

This is about you changing your identity. The people that you meet early on, they’re likely not going to be your ideal clients. You probably don’t even know who your ideal client is in the early stages of your business.

So in the beginning, you’ll need lots of practice and that’s OKAY. Don’t avoid practicing.

Instead, show up at the networking events. Be yourself. Tell people who you are and what you do.

Practice it until it feels as natural as saying your name.

You can do this. Just don’t be a weirdo while doing it!

This is a small example of the business growth & mindset work we do in my private coaching program. We work on mindset, productivity, and marketing to help your nutrition business grow and flourish exponentially.

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