EP.296: Time, Energy, and Money

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Hey there, my friends! Welcome back for another Mindset Minute. Today, I want to dive deep into a topic that resonates with us all: time, energy, and money. You see, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing we lack these resources, especially when pursuing our goals and dreams. But here’s the truth I want you to grasp: you already possess everything you need to achieve what matters most to you.

When you focus on what you lack, you blind yourself to the resources readily available to you. But by adopting a mindset of abundance, you unlock the infinite possibilities that surround you. My hope is that after listening to this episode, you’ll embrace the truth that you always have enough time, energy, and money for what truly matters in your life.


So, today I invite you to repeat this empowering mantra: “I go courageously and confidently in the direction of my dreams.” Silence the voice of lack and scarcity and tune in to the abundant universe that supports your endeavors. What goal is burning the brightest in your heart right now? And how can you channel more time, money, or energy into it? Remember, my friends, there’s always a way when you focus on creating one.


Wishing you a fantastic day and week ahead!




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