Business 101 for Introverts

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I keep hearing in the RD circles how hard it is to build a business as an introvert.

I totally get it. Being genuine, and finding genuine connection is hard. It takes effort. And vulnerability and presence. And awareness when you aren’t.

As an introvert, you struggle to connect with others. Like really connect. Be totally engaged in a conversation. You feel it in your whole body when you are and when you aren’t.

It’s the difference between just giving a canned response…and not.

Sometimes you have to dig deep.

But it’s totally worth it.

Just because it feels unnatural, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just is CONSCIOUS. It’s heart-centered, not brain centered.

Your brain wants the fastest route. It doesn’t want to connect. It wants to small talk and get out of there. It will fight you.

But you have to rise above it. You WANT to rise above it.

Because on the other side of genuine connection is fulfillment. It feels good to connect with other people. It drops you into your heart. That is where you want to build relationships from. Where you want to make decisions for your business from.

Practice it with everyone you meet.

Someone tries to tell you a story you don’t care about?


Someone stops you while you are in a hurry?


Take a breath. Dropping into your heart is more important than what errand you’re running next or whether this is your ideal client or not.

This is about who you are being in the process of what you are doing and the way you leave others feeling.

That is what people remember. That is what attracts clients to you. That feels better than the story that you are an introvert.

You’ve got this, my friend!

This is a small example of the business growth & mindset work we do in my private coaching program. We work on mindset, productivity, and marketing to help your nutrition business grow and flourish exponentially.

Curious about what that would look like for you & your business?

Let’s connect and talk about your goals and how I can help you get there. Grab your free 30-minute consultation here.

The consult call is where I take the time to listen deeply to what your current situation looks like, what’s not working, where you want to be in your business, as well as your life, and help you map out a plan to get there.

If we’re the right fit for each other, we can also talk about what it would look like to work together.

Sound good? Schedule a Consult call today.


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