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I watch so many new RD entrepreneurs spend countless hours obsessing over their niche. They think they have to make it perfect….just right.

They think their success is dependent upon them honing in on the right niche.

They’ve been fed the story that “it’s all about the niche.”

But in reality, it isn’t.

Here’s what it’s really about: You want the success that you think comes with knowing exactly who your people are, and having those people as clients paying you money.

But what’s required to earn money with a niche is very different.

To earn the success of a very clear niche, to have ONLY clients within that niche, and to become a leader in your specific area of expertise means…

You have to say NO to money. 🤯

That’s how you earn money by having a successful niche.

Saying NO to money means:

  • Saying NO to anyone who doesn’t have the problem you solve.
  • Say NO to people who want to work with you when they’re not the “right fit.”
  • And saying YES only to being the niched RD you want to be, all day…every day.

Most RD’s aren’t ready to say NO. They’re not ready to constrain or to let money and opportunities pass them by in order to create the specific opportunity of the best client, in the exact niche they want to work with.

Now, that’s the truth. It’s a mindset-shifting truth.

So, when your brain says, “I have to hone my niche!”, ask it, “Are you ready to say NO to money and people?”

Having a niche requires having constraints — all. of. the. time. Constraint doesn’t always feel like rainbows and unicorns. It means editing most of your ideas, desires, and impulses. Especially the impulses.

Here’s the other truth: When you spend time trying to fabricate a niche you aren’t actually ready for (because you haven’t had enough experience to decide yet), you waste a lot of time solving the wrong problem… and NOT making more money.

When you’re truly ready to EARN that niche, those best clients, and that industry authority, you’ll KNOW.

It’ll feel freeing, certain, grounded, and so much like passion & purpose.

When you’re willing to let the experience you gain direct you; to take your time; to earn that niche and the moment you decide on it, commit and never look back…

…that’s when everything falls in place, and you start to make a whole lotta money.

So don’t get all caught up in the niche mind drama, my friend.

Instead, take your time and lean more into your work to discover what you’re most passionate about.

This is an example of the mindset & lifestyle work we do in my private coaching program. Maybe you’re curious about what that would look like for you?

Let’s connect and talk about your goals and how I can help you get there. Grab your free 30-minute consultation here.

The consult call is where I take the time to listen deeply to what your current situation looks like, what’s not working, where you want to be in your business, as well as your life, and help you map out a plan to get there. 

If we’re the right fit for each other, we can also talk about what it would look like to work together.

If that sounds good to you, schedule a call today.


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