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When you first start getting discovery calls, you might feel like you are running at full speed to try and catch up to the conversation, but you are always lagging just a little behind.

Clients will say things, and you’ll hesitate, trying to think where to guide the conversation next.

You’ll run into problems that you won’t know how to handle in real time.

You will learn a LOT in hindsight.

What’s the solution to all of this? I recommend you evaluate every single discovery call. Even the ones where the client says YES.

When evaluating, you’ll problem-solve the conversation, after the fact. The more you do this, the more PREPARED you are for the next potential client.

The more experience and knowledge you gain in hindsight, the better you naturally become at predicting.

Predicting in real-time, where the conversation will go, before it heads that way, gives you confidence, calm, and clarity going into every conversation.

Predicting helps you get ahead of the conversation. It helps you see patterns in the client’s thinking. It helps you know what to ask next, before the time comes to ask it. It’s like thinking at 2x the speed of the actual conversation.

It makes you appear to be reading your client’s mind. It makes you a NINJA at overcoming objections.

Predicting is what will make you CASH.

It will result in transformational conversations with your clients. The kind where they leave “MIND BLOWN”. Where you successfully navigate the conversation into a health coaching agreement.

Evaluating isn’t something you do when things don’t go your way. It’s what you do to make things go your way.

When you learn this skill, you will not need to have loads of consults. You will be effective with the ones you do have. Your conversion rates will increase dramatically.

So starting today, make the commitment to evaluate ALL of your discovery calls. Simply ask yourself these questions:

What Worked?
What Didn’t Work?
What Will I Do Differently Next Time?

When answering, be sure to go all the way in. Go deep. Be honest. Every single time.

This is how you perfect your discovery call conversations so you don’t sound salesy and inauthentic. This is how you get more YES’s than NO’s.

This is a small example of the business growth & mindset work we do in my private coaching program. We work on mindset, productivity, and marketing to help your nutrition business grow and flourish exponentially.

Curious about what that would look like for you?

Let’s connect and talk about your goals and how I can help you get there. Grab your free 30-minute consultation here.

The consult call is where I take the time to listen deeply to what your current situation looks like, what’s not working, where you want to be in your business, as well as your life, and help you map out a plan to get there.

If we’re the right fit for each other, we can also talk about what it would look like to work together.

Sound good? Schedule a Consult call today.


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