EP.175: Work Life Balance

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We all want to achieve work life balance, but is it really something that we can actually achieve? I’m sure there are days when you feel like you’ve hit the target of balancing “all of the things,” and then tomorrow comes… 

What I’ve learned in my research on this topic is that balance isn’t achievable in life. I know, what a buzz kill.


Today on the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, I share share why you should consider other metrics that will help you have the time freedom you desire, because balance is a myth.




  • The biggest misconception about work-life balance that has many of us chasing a moving target. 
  • Why you shouldn’t compartmentalize your life, but instead see it as a whole unit.
  • The importance of self-integrity and how it can help you create more time freedom than you have right now.




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