EP. 169 Weight Loss – A Panel Discussion

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Today on the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine has a roundtable discussion with 3 of her RD clients about working with clients on weight loss. 


This is a HOT topic in the RD community and has been the theme of many heated conversations online. Which is why Christine decided to create a safe space to have a discussion on this topic so that we can all hear different voices, perspectives, and practices related to working with clients who want to lose weight.

Even if you’re NOT a fan of supporting clients with weight loss, you’ll want to listen to this episode because there’s something for everyone to learn here.




  • The different perspectives, approaches, and practices we take when the client’s main goal is weight loss. 
  • The importance of having autonomy in practice.
  • The benefit of making other health markers the primary goal when working with an RD.
  • Stories of how each dietitian treats weight loss in their individual practices.



Shelley A. Rael, MS RDN, is a dietitian in private practice and is an author, speaker, and consultant. She helps people have improved health, wellness, and energy without dieting and constantly dispels nutrition myths and misinformation. People can enjoy eating without guilt and have better health. She is the author of The One Pot Weight Loss Plan, a cookbook for anyone who wants to eat healthier and have simple and easy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. And is the host of the Real World Nutrition podcast, in which she discusses how we can all eat in real world settings. Learn more about her work at www.ShelleyRael.com


Connect with Shelley via social media: https://linktr.ee/shelrael


Heather Bessee, MS, RDN, LDN, MIEP has been a Registered Dietitian for 20 years.  Her primary areas of expertise include Chronic Disease Prevention, Heart Health, Weight Management, Mindful Eating, Cooking Workshops, and Corporate Wellness Programming.  Heather’s professional experiences include but are not limited to working in wellness centers, hospitals, YMCAs, insurance companies, and naval bases in the Northeast and Hawaii.  Heather is a Certified Mindful and Instinctive Eating Practitioner and uses key elements of this approach when counseling clients individually and in groups. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and humor to motivate and empower clients to create a confident and connected relationship with food so they can best fuel their lifestyles.

In addition to being a dedicated Dietitian, Heather is a seasoned Fitness Professional. She holds numerous certifications in various formats of Group Fitness Instruction and Personal Training.  Additionally, she holds two 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certifications.

Several trips to Italy and Portugal shaped her curiosity to make Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are flavorful and fun. Her love of whole grains and vegetables along with her knack for using foods that are already in the refrigerator help her do some creative and cost-effective cooking in the kitchen. Heather believes that a fusion of meaningful movement, Mediterranean meals, and a well-managed mindset is the foundation to health and longevity. 


Heather’s Business Site and Social Details:





Heather Fiore, MS Ed, RD, LD, CDCES owns a HAES-informed, weight-neutral private practice in Lawrence, Kansas called Free State Nutrition. She has been a dietitian for 24 years, and her areas of specialty are diabetes, eating disorders, and disordered eating. In addition to her practice, Heather is a consultant with Beautycounter, a clean beauty company, and teaches group fitness classes.


Learn more about Heather by visiting her website at www.freestatenutrition.com



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