EP.127: Whitney Bateson – Digital Strategist

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Today on the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine interviews Whitney Bateson, RD of Whitney Bateson Digital Strategy. Whitney has an inspiring story to share about how she transitioned from traditional RD work into owning a web design/development agency that supports dietitian brands across the globe!

Having a website is one thing. Building a web presence that strategically attracts clients to your business is another. And that’s exactly what Whitney and her team do for her clients. 



  • Whitney’s origin story of transitioning from traditional RD work to owning a web design agency.
  • The 2 characteristics needed when dealing with tech issues.
  • The importance of having the confidence to invest in your web presence.
  • The “Confidence Gap” that Whitney sees online and how we can resolve it.
  • What you can do as a new RD to create a web presence.
  • How much it costs you to “tinker around” building a website on your own when it’s outside of your zone of competence.
  • And, SO MUCH MORE!



Whitney is a dietitian turned website strategist, on a mission to ensure dietitians don’t lose another client to the competition. Her agency has helped dozens of dietitians establish their own unique businesses online, by offering custom branding and web design services that make launching or growing your nutrition business easy, fulfilling, and profitable.








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