EP.117: Alma Simmons-Inspired Soul Nutrition

Emotional Mindset, Money Mindset, Podcast

If you’ve been struggling with growing your nutrition business, or even getting it started, this episode is for you!

Today on the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine interviews Alma Simmons about her experience in growing her business over the past year using the unique mindset & marketing practices taught inside Embody Academy.



  • Alma’s unconventional path of becoming credentialed as an RD originally credentialed in Mexico
  • Why Alma decided to do the work on her mindset in order to succeed in her nutrition business, even after investing in other programs
  • Why looking for the external answers to what creates business success isn’t the most sustainable way to build a nutrition business with longevity
  • Alma’s biggest takeaways after doing the mindset work for almost a year
  • How Alma’s confidence has shifted as a result of her mindset work
  • The importance of being happy NOW in your current circumstance in order to be truly happy in your future role as an entrepreneur
  • And, so much more!



Alma Simmons, RDN, LD is a bilingual Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of Inspired Soul Nutrition LLC. She has over 14 years of professional experience and has counseled hundreds of patients and clients in the fields of maternal and infant health, lactation, and chronic disease management.

Alma has also taught many nutrition and healthy lifestyle courses in both languages English and Spanish. Her passion is to empower women in midlife so they can break free from yo-yo dieting and find their personal and unique path to a healthier lifestyle. She teaches her clients how to master lifestyle nutrition so they can reclaim their physical and emotional health back. As a result, they are able to either lose weight sustainably, prevent or reverse chronic illness and live a nourished, vibrant life.









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