EP.109: RE-RELEASE (EP.08) Victim Mindset

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In this episode, Christine’s addressing one of THE biggest hangups preventing most RD entrepreneurs from moving forward: VICTIM MINDSET.

You can’t be a victor and a victim at the same time, so if you want to prosper in your business, you must release the victim mindset. You are never a victim to your circumstances…ever. But this is a very sneaky and insidious mindset because you may believe your circumstances are so true to the point that you don’t believe you have control over them. That’s just not true!




  • 5 Ways you could be living with a victim mindset
  • The reason asking yourself “How” is more powerful than asking yourself “Why”
  • How to increase self-confidence to do the things that’ll move your business forward
  • How to reframe “the fear of failure” in a way that’s more empowering



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